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Gator Grip Seam Tape is the preferred seam tape for any synthetic turf application. Able to stand up to the abuse of a pro athlete; it is perfect for your project too! Ideal for sports fields, landscape and indoor projects.

If you need to seam any portion of your synthetic turf project, then you need seam tape. Seam tape is not really tape at all. It is a heavy-duty Mylar material that is laid down and the glue is applied to it with a notched trowel or glue box. Spread Gator Grip Turf Bond on the fabric side. We recommend that you use a 3/16" notched trowel to spread Gator Grip Turf Bond on tape. Please leave approximately 1" without adhesive on each side of the tape.

Application Instructions:

Ensure application surfaces are clean and oil free.
Apply to seaming tape or surface with a 3/16" notched trowel.
Lightly mist the back side of the turf with water to accelerate cure time (Note - Only a light mist. Too much water will cause foaming and adhesive degradation).
PROCEED, with NO WAIT TIME Lay in turf and press firmly into adhesive.
Allow joints to rest for 30 minutes, then roll joints with weighted roller. Allow another 60 minutes of rest, then roll joints again with weighted roller.

NOTE: Prior to proceeding with YOUR PROJECT, ALWAYS conduct a TEST SAMPLE to VERIFY Gator Grip Turf Bonds effectiveness with your project materials.